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Quitting My Job to Travel the World at 23

In 2019 I quit my job to travel the world, visited over 10 countries, and ended up living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia! This is part one of that story and goes over how I found the money to travel.

Starting a Business at 24

While traveling, I decided to put my sales skills to the test and started to work on building my first business. This post shares some of the sales techniques I learned while working at start-ups in San Francisco, the tools that I used to build my sales pipeline, and how I made a profitable business model.

Building a Business at 25

This is the one year update of my sales consulting business! I share how I grew my business to a full-time income, found my second client, and hired my first employee!

How to Make $100 in a Day

Everything you need to do to start making an extra $100 in just one day!

Freelancing on Upwork: How I made $400

How I made over $400 on Upwork after just a few months! I include information on setting up your profile for success, how to raise your rates to $30 an hour, and tips for settling disputes!

Saving $1,000 a Month: 10 Actionable Steps

I saved my first $1,000 in a month while I was still in college! This post breaks down how to earn your first $1k and has useful graphics and steps you should take along the way!

Investing 1,000 Dollars a Month Made Easy

Once you’ve saved your first $1k, you will probably want to look into investing it! This post shares how I started investing $1k a month and methods you can try out to get started too!

Magic Ears Interview and Income: Teaching English Online

Teaching English online has never been easier! You can earn $20+ an hour easily by teaching with Magic Ears!