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Is Google’s Project Management Certificate Worth It?

is google's project management certificate worth it

A little over a year ago I passed Google’s Project Management Certificate on Coursera and it was definitely worth it.

It can definitely be time-consuming to obtain this certificate. You will want to make sure that it is worth your time, energy, and money.

In this post, I will share 5 benefits I received that made this certificate worth pursuing. You can also check out my Google Project Management Certificate Review if you are interested in know what exactly you will learn in this course.

It is as worthwhile as it is affordable

Ok, we all know that, “a good education is priceless”… but let’s be real. The main reason why we want to know if this certificate is worth pursuing is because it isn’t free.

If you are super ambitious, this PM certificate can be earned in as little as 2 months and will cost you less than $75. For most people, it will end up costing them around $275 to gain their project management certificate from Google.

Either way, I think this certificate is worth the money.

I have used the skills in this course for everything. From managing the content on this blog to planning my wedding! I use them every time I plan a trip. I use them when managing my business. The list is endless.

Have I mentioned that I always use these skills?

The PM Certification is great for teaching the basics to new project managers

When I took the Google PM Certificate it was because I found myself as the only project manager at the company I worked for! Not only that but… I had never been a PM myself.

The main reason that I found this certificate worth my time is because it broke down all the topics in an easy-to-digest manner. This certificate is very beginner-friendly!

I actually found that I was already familiar with a lot of project management tools but didn’t know what they were called. Kanban boards, GANTT charts, project proposals, etc.. This helped to make using the “project management lingo” easier!

As someone whose background is in sales, I can’t express enough how important knowing keywords within an industry are. Even if you aren’t 100% familiar with something, researching and learning a few keywords can help you show that you have a basic understanding of something.

I’ll tell you, I sure was embarrassed when my manager first asked me to fill out a waterfall-style GANTT chart and I had no idea what it was. Even worse.. I didn’t know that this is what I was being asked to fill out so I couldn’t even google it!

You get to put “Google” on your LinkedIn and resume!

The other reason that I found this certificate worth pursuing is because of the name recognition.

Everyone will immediately spot the Google logo on your resume, which can really highlight the course that you took.

My dad has always told me, “Collect as many pieces of paper as you can”. And he wasn’t talking about paper money!

Certificates are a great way of rounding out your profile and showing your expertise in areas that your 9-to-5 may not cover.

Your manager thinks it’s worth it!

You may feel like it is a bit of a time suck, but I guarantee your manager won’t.

When I started taking Google’s Project Management Certificate, I casually mentioned it in a meeting with my manager. She was surprised I was taking it and I was surprised she was so excited!

I’ve always known that professional development is important, but your employers might value it even more than you do.

By taking the project management certificate in my free time, I showed that I was interested in my role and willing to go above and beyond to improve my skills.

You can name-drop it in interviews

In today’s tough job market, this may be one of the biggest reasons why pursuing Google’s project management certificate is worth it.

No matter what your job title is, having a project management skill set shows interviewers that you can see the big picture. Project management is inherently cross-functional and requires your ability to plan in advance.

Since many roles require some sort of cross-functional collaboration, this type of certificate can really make you stand out!

Final Thoughts on If Google’s Project Management Certificate is Worth It

In conclusion, Google’s Project Management Certificate on Coursera offers a multitude of benefits that make it a worthwhile investment.

This certification provides an accessible and comprehensive introduction to project management. It is an excellent choice for beginners seeking to learn the fundamentals and terminology of the field.

Furthermore, the prestige associated with the Google brand on one’s resume and LinkedIn profile can significantly enhance your professional standing. It shows your commitment to continuous learning and skill development.

You will also gain the ability to confidently discuss project management during job interviews or with your current manager. This is insanely valuable in today’s competitive job market.

With its affordability, versatility, and career-enhancing potential, pursuing Google’s Project Management Certificate proves to be a valuable step toward personal and professional growth.

Do you think Google’s Project Management Certificate is worth your time? Are you taking Google’s Project Management Certificate on Coursera? I’d love to hear from you!

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