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8 Easy Side Hustles for Teens to Try

Side Hustles for Teens

Side Hustles for Teens

There are plenty of great side hustles for teens who looking to make some extra money for the summer or weekend.

When I was a teenager, I often picked up several different types of side hustles. From pet sitting to website design, this post will share both traditional and unconventional side hustle ideas teenagers can try.

In this article, I’ll also explore why teens should consider a side gig and how they can effectively manage their time in order to be successful.

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Side Hustles That Teach Teens Life Skills

The teenage years can be both an exciting and intimidating time. That is why having a part-time job can help teens learn important life skills while earning extra spending money. 

It’s important that parents and guardians be involved with any side hustle to make sure their teenager is safe. This is also an excellent opportunity to discuss potential career options with teens as the skills they learn operating their side hustle will translate well to many jobs!

Joining a side hustle marketplace is a great way to see what opportunities exist. You can start by signing up for Thrive Neighbor, which provides software, support, and strategies to help you begin. They even have a free trial to help you get started!

What Are Some Good Side Hustle Ideas for Teens?

Some great side hustle ideas for teens include pet sitting/walking, freelance writing/editing, tutoring/teaching English/other foreign languages online, web design/development, and virtual assistant services.

All of these jobs offer flexible hours, which makes them ideal for those attending school or with weekend commitments. Additionally, each of these gigs offers something unique, which makes them all worth exploring!

8 Easy Side Hustle Ideas for Teens To Make Money

Pet Sitting/Pet Walking

If you’re in your teen years and looking for a side hustle, consider pet sitting or pet walking. Pet sitting/pet walking doesn’t require much experience. You will, of course, need to be responsible and have a love for animals. 

To create your side hustle all you need is determination, a plan, and some networking to help you get started. Before you start offering your services, think about the precise services you’re going to offer as well as the typical rate for these services in your area.

You can start by offering your services to friends, family members, and neighbors. As you get your first few clients, be sure to also ask them to spread the word about your work. The best thing about pet sitting and pet walking is that you can choose your own hours. You can perform this side hustle during your free time, after school, or on the weekends.

The best time for teens to start this side hustle is right before winter and summer break. For summer break, you should start looking for clients around June and, for winter break, November is best so you can also have clients for Thanksgiving.

Freelance Writing/Editing

Another excellent way for teenagers to make some money on the side is to start freelance writing or editing. There are many different online platforms, such as UpWork and Fiverr, that offer various writing and editing opportunities. 

Freelance writing and editing jobs can be great for teens as they can choose their own hours and work as much as they want. Such positions can even help students improve in school as they allow them to develop their vocabulary, learn new things, and improve their grammar and writing skills.

Teens are also uniquely positioned to get started on these beginner-friendly freelancing platforms because they are able to offer competitive rates. These roles can also be a long-term side hustle and they may be able to maintain some clients during their college years.

Freelance writing side hustles are really great at any time of the year. That being said, if your teen is working with a local business, they tend to have new budgets and energy for projects at the beginning of the year.

Tutoring/Teaching Foreign Languages Online

If there’s a particular subject you’re good at, such as languages or arts, then you will find that there are many tutoring opportunities available. If you’re typically the person tutoring the other teenagers in your class, then you should consider starting a tutoring/teaching side hustle online.

For tutoring roles, try finding a tutoring center in your city. There are also online platforms, like Tutor Hunt, which can make the process of becoming (or finding!) a tutor easy. The best part? They cover every class you might be interested in, including foreign languages!

On the topic of foreign languages, there are also platforms that allow you to teach English to people all around the world. You can check out this full list by Online English Teaching, but here are 3 platforms that I’ve heard good things about:

With most tutoring and teaching gigs online, you can set your own hours and work when it’s convenient for you, making the whole experience positive and rewarding. This position can be started at any time, but most have a particular need around each new semester. 

Web Design/Web Development

If you are a student with a passion for web design or web development, you could consider making money doing the things that spark your interest. There are various web design/web development opportunities on platforms such as Upwork, LinkedIn, Indeed, Fiverr, etc. 

These jobs are typically well-paying and they allow you to set your own rates and hours which is very convenient during your teen years.

You can consider creating a portfolio to showcase your skills, and could also offer your services through social media to get better reach. I learned how to do web design by starting this blog! Not long after, I obtained a full-time role as a website project manager based on these self-taught skills.

Since most schools have computer classes or other advanced technology classes, this can be a great way to reinforce your learning. Consider taking a course at your local community college, since these credits may count towards both schools.

This side hustle is best during the summer break. Web design can be quite time-consuming if you are new to it! That being said, you may be able to retain your clients year round. They will likely need easy updates a few times a year.

Virtual Assistant Services

If you’re a good student who’s highly organized you can consider offering virtual assistant services. This is a great side hustle for teens because you can usually get started by doing small tasks for a family member.

 Virtual assistants often need to be communicative, well-organized and have great time management skills. This will allow you to become a better student while also earning money on the side.

There are plenty of virtual assistant opportunities online. Consult with your parents before signing up for online platforms!


Another excellent idea for a side hustle for teens is babysitting. If you are a responsible teenager who loves kids, babysitting gives you an opportunity to earn some extra money while also doing something you enjoy. 

Babysitting is something can do in your free time because you’ll find easy clients from your network of family, friends, and neighbors. Noticing a trend? The best teenage side hustles fulfill a need within your own community.

 Also, there’s no need for any upfront funds to start babysitting. Your reputation for being responsible and a love for kids is often enough to get you hired.

This side hustle is great because it is particularly needed after school hours and over the summer. You’ll also find that you can start small with this kind of role by only working 2-3 hours until you get more comfortable. 

Make Deliveries Through DoorDash

If you’re a teenager and you posse your driver’s license (or own a bike!), you can make deliveries through DoorDash to make some extra cash.

With DoorDash, you get to choose your own working schedule. You can also make decent money through tips, which can be extremely convenient for any teen. 

DoorDash allows you to choose which orders you want to accept and which ones to skip. They also help you find deliveries near you and allow you to earn more money through various promotions. 

This role is best suited for older teenagers. You need to be over 18 to sign up and have a smartphone.

Sell Your Crafts

Teenagers who are creative and into DIY could also consider selling their crafts online.

 You could literally make anything you like, from jewelry to clothes! The best place to sell these items is through online platforms such as Etsy or Instagram. TikTok has also proven to be a great way for small businesses to get their first loyal customers.

Nowadays, with some digital marketing knowledge, you can easily build your online presence. You can even grow your brand to eventually turn a craft-selling side hustle into a full-time working opportunity. Additionally, these skills may even translate into future job opportunities as well!

You can do this side hustle at any time of the year. That being said, you might have additional selling opportunities over the summer. That is because your local farmer’s market or street fair may allow you to have your own booth! This can be a fun and safe way of spending time with your community (with parental supervision, of course!).

Why Should Teens Start a Side Hustle?

Starting a side hustle as a teenager can provide many benefits. Not only will it provide extra income during school, but it also allows individuals to gain experience in various areas. You can learn skills like customer service and communication, which may prove helpful in future endeavors.

Additionally, having a part-time job gives teens more flexibility when it comes to managing their schedules and provides an opportunity to develop business skills.

If you’re a teenager, a side hustle is a great way to invest in yourself!  This is the most fun way to start learning about money and managing your finances. These life skills will be the foundation of a secure financial future, so it’s best to start developing them from a young age. 

Final Thoughts on Side Hustles for Teens

In conclusion, there are numerous side hustles available for teenagers looking to make extra money, from dog walking to web design.

These options allow individuals to pursue interesting projects that suit their preferences while learning valuable lessons along the way. With plenty of advantages that come with starting a part-time job – now is an ideal time for any teen wanting to succeed both personally and financially!

What side hustle did you do as a teen? Would you like to try any of the side hustles listed above? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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